How many years Rottweiler breed lives?

The Rottweiler breed is one of the most popular herding dogs in the world. Also they can pull carts. Researches showed that Rottweiler breed was used for hunting in history but today they lost their extreme hunting ability. In the 19th century, Rottweiler breed started to use herding sheep drove to market. Today main areas they are using are police dog, guide dog and search and rescue dogs. Some countries prohibit buying Rottweiler for home but it’s still legal in United States. Rottweiler breed’s lifespan is long but it also grows rapid and this process creates some general problems. How many years Rottweiler breed lives?

Breed is one of the healthiest ones in the world today. Selective breeding removed some important health problems of breed but problems like hip dysplasia is still possible. Some problems of breed can be treated by specialists in a long period. In last decade, cancer became a leading death reason of breed. Also parvovirus started to infect especially Rottweiler puppies and killed them. Today vaccine control is possible for parvovirus in Rottweiler breed. Rottweiler must be trainer in daily exercise because they can face obesity in a small period. Obese Rottweilers mostly live breathing difficulties.
Rottweiler’s history goes to Roman Empire. They were using to herd to cattle and it was a vital process to feed army. Roman army’s main route was Rottweil city of Germany and people from city breed some Rottweiler dogs for their own. When German area became a popular place for sheep cattle and livestock, Rottweiler breed became most popular dog breed. In middle ages, Rottweiler dogs are used for carrying money pouches safely. In World War 1, breed is used as police dog. Some armies also used them as messenger and guard dogs. Breed became most registered one of American Kennel Club in 1990.
The skull in Rottweiler breed is characteristic. It’s round, big and raised to the ears. Face type is aggressive and attacking. Breed use its developed nose regularly.

Tail of Rottweiler is docking traditionally. But in last decade, some countries prohibited this process and removed short tail Rottweiler from registry. Docking is still legal in USA.
Temperament of Rottweiler is mainly very eager to work. They can work all day. Breed is calm but very alert inside for dangerous situations. A Rottweiler breed uses its full power to react for danger and warn the people. Sometimes their high-confidence may get them in trouble especially in dog fights.
Some countries prohibit caring Rottweiler in home because breed can be aggressive and attacking if its owner is ignorant and abusing it. Also low socialization of breed creates aggression. A stranger must be introduced by its owner because they are very aggressive about strangers.
Rottweiler breed has instinctive herd controlling capacity. Also it has a powerful desire to control them. They overwork to keep herd controllable but they can be rested because their instinct is powerful than intelligence. Also their ability to use their body to turn stubborn sheep is coming from instinct.

Against all the good work and loyalty of Rottweiler breed, every time breed became the evil one in the movies. The Omen series used an evil Rottweiler dog and it affected puppy sales for years.
In last years, movies like Lethal Weapon 3 and series like HBO show Entourage used Rottweiler as a good and helpful dog character and it fixed some image problems. Breed always becomes news with their fearless and brave behavior. They can save drowning people with their high swimming abilities but they don’t often use this ability.

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