How many Wii action games are there?

Wii is offering something new and unique for gamers. Some game types like Fifa are hard to play for gamers because they are mainly created for gamepad control and making a revolutionary new control is very hard. But categories like puzzle, action or race is very suitable for Wii’s gaming system. Especially action games in Wii caught a big community and game companies released unique and legendary games for Wii. Now Wii console’s second generation Wii U is also offering something new and unique for action game lovers. How many Wii action games are there?

One of the most popular action games for Wii is “Deadly Creatures.” Gamer is a cold and deadly killing machine in this game. It’s not a classic gangster, mafia or space marine game. It’s a story of a scorpion or tarantula trying to survive in wild life. It’s strange to see desert life from a tarantula’s eyes. Game’s atmosphere and setting is really great. It’s also humorous that pizza boxes or cans are big monuments in desert of game. Game controls are not hard for a standard gamer but it’s very enjoyable if gamer want to learn deep controls.

Call of Duty series is for all OS, consoles and other gaming platforms now. It’s very rare to find a place not offering a kind of Call of Duty. Call of Duty’s power comes from atmosphere mostly. Especially cinematic shorts are very important. But Wii’s system and graphic is not offering an incredible realistic ambience like PS3. But it can’t change the truth that Call of Duty: World at War is the best war game for Wii. Especially for gamers who want to feel deep while playing war games, Call of Duty: World at War is really unique.
Dead Space: Extraction is only game in the rail shooter category of Wii. Before all, Dead Space: Extraction is offering nonstop movement because of its rail shooter style. Also game is using camera work great for action scenes. It was a surprise when Electronic Arts announced that company is preparing a Wii version of popular Dead Space series and EA Electronics made the best decision by producing a rail shooter for Wii because it’s perfect to play on console and nunchuk. Game is also offering a good co-op mode for family fun.

No More Heroes is favorite action of Wii action lovers. It’s suitable to Wii’s spirit with cartoon characters, cartoon fights and cartoon blood. Even little children can make fun of No More Heroes. It’s true that when gamer is not in fight scene, game is slow and problematic but fight scenes are really great.
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a game which comes to mind when the topic is Wii. It’s the first time in Star Wars game that player take control of Dark Lord and use power. Using light saber is very easy and realistic in game. Story starts after first stage and it’s a very intelligent way to get player into game. Maybe graphics of game is not offering a total Star Wars universe but controls like waving hands for using power is really innovative.
House of the Dead is a strange game series which started from Commodore age and still favorite of most gamers. House of the Dead: Overkill is the Wii version of popular series. It’s true that series made a real evolution with all new games. While it was a serious horror game in first versions, it’s now a funny adaptation of 70’s horror movies. Gameplay is very easy but shooting for millions times is some boring.

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