How many projector types are there?

Projector is the reflector of an image to projection screen. Projectors are one of the oldest technological image tools on the technology era. They were in big cabinets in the first years but now it’s possible to see them in little cameras or phones. There are now lots of different video projector types in market. Some of them are shinier and some has longer life. How many projector types are there?

One of the most famous video projectors is CRT projectors. CRT projectors are using cathode ray tube technology for creating brighter images. Green, blue and red colors are processing in CRT image processor and sending to screen. Main advantages of CRT video projectors are long video life up to 10.000 hours and faster response feature than LCD projectors. But they are bigger than LCD projectors and hard to move.

Other popular video projector type is LCD projector. LCD projectors create close to natural colors and spectrum. Also they create well brightness even in a small light. Also they are moderate in price.

DLP projectors are using one of the newest technologies in video projector area. They are using Texas Instruments chips. DLP is mostly using in cinemas. DLP’s main advantages are sharper image and wider color range. But their lumen life is shorter than LCD and CRT.

There are also video projectors like LCoS projectors, LED projectors, Hybrid LED projectors and Laser diode projectors. Also there are Do It Yourself type projectors especially using in USA.

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