How many ways to show your love to your daughter better?

Being a father of a daughter is harder than everything. First of all, you need to understand what she needs, wants and don’t like. Also it’s true that daughters have a special attention on their fathers. Only giving money or paying her duties or eating with her are not enough for showing the real love. Most of the father nowadays believes that their only duty is giving money to your daughter and controls them all over the life. It has never been enough and won’t be enough for any time. So you have to find some new ways to show your love to your daughter. How many ways to show your love to your daughter better?

First of all, don’t forget than all fathers are both the idols and first lovers of their daughters. According to Dr. Stephen Covey and his popular book “Emotional Bank Account”, you must always find ways to feed your daughter’s emotion bank account about you. There are many factors feeding this account. Some of them are trust, care and tolerance to problems. Especially trust is a big part of account because it’s very hard to be a girl in this world and they will start to face some problems in the early ages.
Other important thing you can show your love better is entering the kitchen with her. It’s true that all girls like to enter kitchen and cooking even in the earlier ages and it will be doubled if you go to kitchen with them. You don’t have to cook something and give her. You and your daughter can cook together. You can find a way to assist her cooking a meal and praise it with your face. Also find ways to enjoy together in kitchen. You can make little clumsiness moves that will make them laugh.
Fathers mostly afraid to praise their children and they think it will cause a saucebox child but researchers showed that it’s totally wrong. Especially girls have an emotional balance and their main booster is getting praises. Main benefit of praising your daughter is getting her secure and trust feel back.

Setting effective boundaries to your daughter is also very important. The world is not a safe place especially for little girls. Especially child abuse is one of the biggest problems today in the world and it’s easy to rich any girl with the internet even in the little ages. Setting the limits and boundaries must not convert their life to jail but they must feel secure in these boundaries. Most popular and successful way to set boundaries is writing them together with your daughter.
Every father with a daughter must read Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Languages.” Book explains five main ways how people identify their love and share it. Especially little girls have a deep emotion world and one hurt can be remained for all the lifetime. So you can read the book and try different ways of showing love and find the best one for your daughter.
Most of the fathers of today never forget to give punishment for discipline or impose consequences to their daughter. But they mostly forget to celebrate success. Celebration a success is also not only praising for results. You can celebrate their effort even they lost in the swimming race and even they came to finish in the last. Celebrations are great memories and they are a good tool to create a love language between you and your daughter. Also you can write love notes and leave them to your daughter’s pillow.

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