How many popular black celebrity hairstyles are there?

It’s true that one of the most important titles people talking about celebrities is their hairstyles. They must be always good looking and their hairstyle must not be a good completer, it must be a fashion itself. It’s true that changing hairstyle every day is not for celebrities because most of the celebrities are commemorating with their hairstyles also. Especially black celebrities always loved revolutionary hairstyles and today Rihanna and Beyonce Knowles is the leaders on this category. They tried and succeed when many people were thinking that there are only a few models suitable for black women. How many popular black celebrity hairstyles are there?

Michelle Obama is one of the black women mostly talked about hairstyle of her. She’s so successful on her hairstyle that American people are more curious about new hairstyle of Michelle Obama than Naomi Campbel today. Also there are many fans of Halle Berry and Oprah’s hairstyles.
Mariah Carey is also very popular with her hairstyles. Especially when her flowing long tresses meet with her famous smile; all the women fries in front of television. She also sometimes changes her hairstyle to tousled waves or soft curls and they are also beautiful. Many people confessed that they are watching only American Idol for Mariah Carey’s beautiful hairstyles.

Beyonce is an idol especially for young girls. There are many hairstyles of Beyonce that became classic and naming with her on the salons. But when asked about it, most of the women talks first about kinky curly of her. She’s not preferring it so much but when it’s up, Beyonce became a powerful and sexy Amazon fighter. Beyonce mostly prefers this hairstyle on magazine shootouts and magazines use “gorgeous” term for her hairstyle.
Rihanna is on a different category and it’s hard to find someone close to her. She’s crazy, beauty, fashionable and more. She’s also one of the most hairstyle changed black celebrity on the history. She love surprises and it’s possible to see her on long hair and razorhead. She was red on 2009 and deep black on 2010. It’s no clue that many women desire to be Rihanna one day.
Tyra Banks is also an idol on black celebrity hairstyles. She’s the most successful supermodel when it’s compared on beautiful hairstyles. She likes to change her hairstyle day by day and it’s possible to see her straight one day and curly other day. She’s also known with her revolutionary highlights. She also knows how to be like a young with ponytails or braids.
It’s true that Oprah Winfrey is the idol of America. It’s also true that because of her age and position, she’s not everyday hairstyle changer. But against all, she succeed to make “flipped up ends” popular. Also she likes curls. Oprah also showed that how hairstyle is important for celebrity with event that she reported to national television with bad perm and how people criticized her.
Halle Berry is lucky from born with her hairstyle. It’s true that Halle Berry is not paying too much hours for her hairstyle and she’s using a few hair products but she’s still a hairstar with her style. She’s not using hair weaves and she never likes to add color to her hair. So it’s possible to see her mostly in her short hairstyle. But she’s so beautiful and masculine that short hairstyle is adding her a good picture totally.
Queen Latifah is also popular with her trimmed hair and dry ends. She doesn’t like to change her hair color and it’s still possible to see her own color.

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