How many differences are there between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers?

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are freeware web browsers. Google Chrome is developed by Google Company and now it’s developing on WebKit layout engine. First beta version of Google Chrome is released in 2008 and was only working under Windows OS. Today it has 35% of browser usage statistics on the world. According to researches, its usage level is under Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox is also a popular freeware web browser like Google Chrome. It’s developing by Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation and created on Gecko layout engine. How many differences are there between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers?

Two popular web browsers are working on popular OS platforms like Windows, BSDs, Mac Os X, Linux and Google Operating System. Chrome has also a web browser for IOS but it’s on development and first beta releases level now.
There are many benchmark and performance tests comparing two browsers on the net. Today, there’s no problem on rendering standard websites on standard PC configurations but flash rendering is a problem for low cost computers. According to test,
Google Chrome is taking the big natural support of Google and using V8 JavaScript engine for rendering flash web pages and videos without problem. Mozilla is using Gecko rendering engine for flash web pages, its performance is close to Google Chrome but when browser is opened more tabs, performance of Google Chrome is higher. Also in hard benchmark tests, Google Chrome is allowing over 800 tabs without freezing while Mozilla Firefox is only possible for 100 tabs.

Chrome and Firefox are using similar memory management algorithms. But according to benchmarks, Chrome is using more memory than Firefox in all versions. Main cause of this situation is Chrome’s configuration which is allowing tab based processor usage while Firefox is using a total memory management system. But Chrome is ahead when it comes to more tabbed browsing because while Chrome is using limited memory management, Firefox’s memory usage increases high in more tabs. Experts are offering Chrome for users who like to open and close browsers tabs frequently.
According to benchmarks, all versions of Google Chrome are opening faster than Mozilla Firefox. There are many reasons of this situation but main reason is Firefox’s built-in features. Cause of failure risk, Firefox loads all built-ins in first load but Chrome leaves most of them for user defined. Also extensions loaded into browsers use different algorithms for browser check and Chrome’s database is easier to access on this topic.
Stability issues are problem for both browsers. But according to latest benchmarks, Chrome’s new technology which is making possible to use its own processing ability for all tabs are making the product more stable than Mozilla Firefox. But this type of process algorithm is also making the browser more vulnerable for jailbreaks. Firefox is also developing more stable versions but problems like access to ram values are causing the browser easily freeze or sudden shut down.
Firefox is ahead for the customization options because besides some hidden customization options, Google Chrome doesn’t have any public one. Also experiences users can completely change the user interface of Mozilla Firefox. But it’s still on beta and mostly user need to reinstall the Mozilla Firefox if there’s a layout compatibility problem.
Google Chrome is offering some detailed options for security and
catching the phishing web sites but Mozilla Firefox is not so detailed for security. Also Google Chrome has some special security modes like “incognito” mode. Two browsers are releasing new versions when there’s a big security hole leaked to net.

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