How many ways to keep the children safe on the internet?

Child pornography and children related crime in the internet is one of the biggest problems in the world. According to latest numbers, there were 1.7 million videos on the internet related to child pornography and child abuse. It’s not possible or wise to avoid children using internet in this age or limiting their internet usage directly but you can use some methods to keep them safe on the internet. Every parent must know that prohibiting something on the internet is totally impossible but you can keep your children away from dangerous sites. How many ways to keep the children safe on the internet?

Most important thing you must know for keeping your children away from dangerous content in the internet is you. Many parents take some precautions to keep children away from internet pornography and child abuse in the internet but they only believe to software and never track what children are doing. Internet is not offering the dangerous content, it’s also giving the ways how to enter it after limited access or precautions. So believing only software for securing you children is very dangerous and not wise. Also taking visible precautions in front of your children will make them curious about it.

Like many other things about children discipline, it’s true that internet usage needs total discipline. Children copy their parents and if parents are using computers when they say stop using it to their children, children will find a way to enter internet. You can stop internet usage till your children sleep and you can continue it after that.
There are many software on internet to keep children away from dangerous web sites. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. Also internet retailers are offering some services. But none of them are totally safe because people producing child pornography are trying new ways after each new precaution. Safest way to keep your children away from dangerous content in the net is setting total control over your internet modem. There are many systems offering detailed report of every bit that modem has sent to home devices and nothing can deceive this report.
Only taking precautions are not enough. You must also learn your children how to protect their privacy. It’s true that whatever you say, children will not understand the danger of internet and revealing personal information online. You can set some small rules about internet connection to your children and show them how dangerous giving the personal details is. You can set rules like “never give personal details to anyone”, “never attend “meet online” chat” and “never open e-mail from people children don’t know”
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It’s true that many children try to find friends on net but it’s a controversial topic because they can easily attend into groups or find friends because their world is still young and close to deep prejudices. So if your children are insisting to find new friends from internet in her or his younger age, you can easily understand there’s a problem on your children’s social life. Maybe they are facing some problems when they try to enter social world or they don’t have enough friends to talk. It’s true that parents are hard to be their children’s best friends but they can speak on the same topic still.
There are many surf safe software on net and they are showing a message when children are trying to enter dangerous web sites. But according to researches, following children without noticing them is more successful that showing them strange and threating messages on their own computer.

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