How many celebrities are using pure green coffee to lose weight?

Weight loss is one of the biggest industries in the United States and world. It’s accepting as a multibillion dollar industry. Main request in weight loss industry is losing weight with taking a pill without any exercise or diet. All know it’s very hard but there’s still hope. Also weight loss industry changed strategy in 2000s. There were medical bills to lose weight in 1990s but today it’s possible to see pure natural products that help to get faster metabolism and lose weight. People have seen lots of products on this way. Last one is green coffee bean extract or pure green coffee with its popular name. Dr. Oz announced in his show that pure green coffee is a miraculous product to burn fat faster. Then it’s written in newspapers that lots of celebrities are using it since early times. How many celebrities are using pure green coffee to lose weight?

Dr. Oz talked about green coffee extract in his latest show. Main idea on using this product is chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans. When the beans are roasted chlorogenic acid chain is broken and item lost its effect on limiting glucose absorption which cause losing weight.
Doctor Oz took this information from American Chemical Society in San Diego’s research about green coffee extract. Results on study showed that overweight men and women lost 17 pounds in 22 weeks with green coffee extract.
It’s possible to see new product offers by important doctors especially in America. Lots of them are useless and dangerous in long usage. But DR. Oz is the one who rarely offers such products and it’s known that DR. Oz don’t like commercial products on his show.

DR. Oz’s offer and studies on green coffee extract created some controversies because the study that is announced as the source of DR. Oz’s new offer funded by Applied Food Sciences who is a green coffee supplement producer also. DR. Oz then announced that American Chemical Society’s study is not the source of his offer and he made his own research.
Also Dr. Oz said that he doesn’t want to offer a product because he doesn’t like to be announced with a green coffee product ever. Customers must be very careful about green coffee extract products because only products with at least 45 percent chlorogenic acid will be effective on body. Also chlorogenic acid must be listed as GCA or Svetol over the product ingredients. Also children under 18 and breast-feeding or pregnant women shouldn’t use it.

Also Dr. Oz reported that only using green coffee extract is not effectful on all people. Extract must be used with diet diaries. Especially DR. OZ’s diaries are very useful.
Controversies about sell strategy are also possible. Green coffee bean extract is not a new product and not selling for the first time in market. But it was not a popular product in the weight loss shelf.
Half an hour after DR. Oz show, all shopping sites like was full of new raw coffee bean products and some of the product sellers were new in market.
Some products announced that their product is using by lots of celebrities but it’s still not possible to see this product in a hand of celebrity still. Some product sellers pasted montage photos about celebrities using green coffee extract but it’s still not accepted by any of them.
DR. Oz didn’t announce any usage style but product sellers offer it before meal. Especially using it before heavy meals are very useful and helping to lose weight according to sellers.

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