How many coffee categories are there in the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf menu?

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a popular coffee chain and mostly known as “Coffee Bean”. Headquarter of company is on Los Angeles, California. They are founded it 1963 and today operating in 23 countries with 830 stores. Southern California is the main store area of chain and most of stores in this area are operating by headquarters. Other stores over the world are franchise based. Today it’s possible to find stores of company from Cambodia to Australia. Company’s coffee catalogue is always simple and understandable. How many coffee categories are there in the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf menu?

They are 7 coffee categories of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. They are light & subtle, light & distinctive, medium & smooth, dark & distinctive, decaffeinated, flavored and reserve. Light& Subtle is one of the most popular coffee categories of company. It includes 100% Kona, Brazil Cerrado, House Blend and Decaf House Blend. Brazil Cerrado is one of the most popular products on this category. It’s dry processed and has a sweet taste. Beans of this product are harvesting from Minas Gerais area in Brazil and only limited companies are using these high quality beans in Brazil.

Light & distinctive category of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a new category and company is preparing new products for this category. Today there’s one product in this category as Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. Product has a very exotic taste. Company is buying coffee beans from Sidamo area of Ethiopia and this area is producing very limited harvest. First blend is making by traditional way with waiting beans in fermentation tanks. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe’s smell is also unique.
Medium & smooth category of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores is the leading one. It includes over 10 products like India Estate, Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu, Papua New Guinea Sigria and Sumatra Mandheling. Beans using for creating this category’s products are popular ones in their countries. Especially Sumatra Mandheling is Sumatra’s popular coffee and exotic taste of it is unique. Colombia Nariño beans are collecting by small farm owners. Taste of product is creamy. Costa Rica La Cascada is popular with its balanced taste. It’s harvesting from high altitude farms and possible to feel strong winds carried spices while drinking.

Dark & distinctive category is offering strong coffees from different countries’ of the world. Dark & distinctive category is especially popular in America. Some popular products in this category are Tanzania Peaberry, Viennese Blend and Bali Blue Moon.
Tanzania Peaberry is a unique taste with jasmine aroma. Also chocolat finish is very popular for this product. Viennese Blend is European style coffee of company. Product offers mellow taste with some chocolaty finish and bean’s blending is in the traditional method of Vienna cafes. Bali Blue Moon is offering aromatic toffee taste. Harvesting period of product is May to October so it’s a very limited product.
Company has various decaffeinated products like Decaf Espresso, Decaf French Vanilla and Decaf Colombia. Product class is for people who don’t like caffeine taste. Company is using a special decaffeination process to create products. All products in this class have mild flavor with a tasty finish. There are also flavored and reserve tea categories of company.
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s strategy is giving franchises all over the world while saving the quality and increasing brand awareness. Company sells CBTL system coffee machines and accessories. Also The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has a huge tea and herbal products staff in stores.

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