How Many Android Users Have Downloaded the Game Application of Traffic Racer from the Google Play Store?

Do you have smart phone? Which application or the game is the most popular in your opinion? What do you think about the different applications that are available in the Google play store? As all we know, with the rapid development of the industry of the smart phones and the new innovations in the fields of the internet, there are lots of new innovations in people’s lives that make their lives much more easier than the old days but on the other hand there are lots of complexities and negative ways of the using of the smart phones and the internet in people’s lives. At that point, people not only getting lots of benefits by using the internet in their smart phones but also on the other hand it is possible to count that there are lots of profits of using of it.



When we look at the whole world, it is easy to see that people are playing the different games with their smart phones and in the whole world, there are lots of different games that are developed by the different companies and studios and some of them are becoming almost an idol and millions of the people are downloading them to their smart phones in order to make their lives and times much more entertaining. Because with the intense situations of the modern working life, people want to relax themselves and as a result of this situation people are heading to the different ways in order to do this. Today we are going to make a short analysis about a popular android game that name is Traffic Racer and we will give some specific information about that game. Let’s look at the game all together.

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The Number of the people Who Download the game of Traffic Racer

In android market namely Google Play store, there are millions of different games and different applications and each day new applications and the new game are added to this platform. Some of those games and the applications are very popular but on the other hand it can be seen that there are lots of them that are not working too much from the point of popularity. At that point, the game of the Traffic Racer is one of the most popular games in the platform of Traffic Racer. When we look at the game, its software is written by a Turkish software developer whose name is Soner Kara and the game becomes very popular all around the whole world in a short time. When we look at the number of the people that download the game to their smart phones we can see that up to now 935.007 people download it and it seems that because of the popularity of the game in the future this number will be increased. The game is now only easy but on the other hand it is very enjoyable and that is why people are getting the game.


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