How Many Metro Systems Are There in the World?

The History of the Metro’s 

With the rapid increasing of the world population and rapid industrialization after the industrial revolution, people start to immigrate to the cities from villages. As a result of this, the population in city centers increased to much extend. Most of the people are working in cities and everyday they are going to their works and they are returning to their homes in that evening.
In this point people need public transportation in order to reach where they want to go. Before the construction of metros, there were public transportation that is done by bus and other cars. On the one hand, the public transportation that is done by bus has lots of positive ways from the point of its being rapid but on the other hand it has lots of negative ways. For instance; when there is a traffic jam it can be difficult to reach whenever you want on time, as a result of this a new transportation system was necessary that had no traffic jam.553719_521993034493534_818401224_n



















. Metro system is rapid and because of its going underground it has no problem about traffic. When we look at the history of the metro, we can see that the first metro system in the world is London Underground. It was built on the year of 1863 and it can be said that it is one of the biggest metro systems in the World. London Underground started to built on 1863 and long years it continued to built. The last section of the London Underground was completed on 9 January 2013 and it was about 150 years to complete this metro system. When we look at the world metro systems, the biggest metro system in the world is New-York metro system from the point of by length of routines and by number of stations, on the other hand from the point of length of the passenger lines Seoul Metropolitan Subway, Beijing Subway, Shanghai Metro and London Underground are the largest metro systems in the world.



















How Many Metro Systems Are There in the World?

The main point in our study is how many metro systems are there in world today that are active. According to the last researches there are about 140 metro systems in the world. These metro systems are used by lots of people every day and they are very helpful for people who want to reach their target. People can reach where they want to go in a short time thanks to the metro systems. In world today, the technology shows such a great development that most of the metro systems in the world are running without a driver. People can control them with the help of the computer systems. When it is thought the 150 years ago the point that the humanity come today is very effective and we can say that in future there will be more complex and technological metro and public transportation systems will be built and people will get help from them.


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