How many ways are there to survive from Nuclear War?

Nuclear war is a military conflict that world came closer for many times but this type of war is never started. Also countries use it as a political strategy for the last decade. Nuclear War is the far most destructive type when compared with conventional warfare. Especially increased radiation levels, big pollution in the atmosphere, poverty and other problems are main results of nuclear war. A nuclear winter which happens after a nuclear war may last for hundreds or thousands of years. How many ways are there to survive from Nuclear War?

After first nuclear weapons are produced and used in Japan by America and these bombs killed over 200.000 people, World War 1 ended. Then cold war era started and many countries like France, China and England produced nuclear warheads. At the last years of cold war era, countries signed some agreements for not using nuclear warheads but then countries like Israel, Pakistan, India and North Korea revealed that they produced Nuclear Warheads. South Africa also produced nuclear warheads but then destroyed them.
Things may change on today’s world and countries may come close to nuclear war or start a nuclear war. It’s true that surviving from a nuclear war is very hard but it’s possible. First thing you must do is living in countryside. It’s true that first target of all nuclear warheads are big and crowded cities, especially capitals. Living in the countryside or running away to countryside is not guarantee your survival but it give you a little chance and a few more days to live.

It’s a controversial topic to leave or feed your pet in the nuclear war time. It’s true that poverty will come after a nuclear war and sharing limited food and water with your pet is not a good thing. But it’s also true that pets have stronger senses to find water and food than us and a pet may help you to survive, find water and food. But it’s also possible to see that animals have lability of mood in the war times or natural disasters so your pet can be a real attacker for surviving.
If it’s close to nuclear war or nuclear warheads are bombed your country or somewhere in the world, it means that even you survive, atmosphere will start to fill with gases and they will block the way of sunlight so world will enter a new ice age. You can search and buy some sunglasses which will save your eyes from ultraviolet rays of sun that shines from problematic atmosphere and also clothes which will keep you warm and safe.
Nuclear war means starvation. Buying an arm and bullets will be good for you because if your country or world is close to nuclear war or nuclear war started; it means finding food will be harder and harder everyday so you may need to kill someone or animals to find food. Also you may try to stock some food which will stand for a long period.

Nuclear war means crops will also die because of radiation. Researches showed that strongest creatures for high radiation levels are insects. It’s true that eating all the insects you find is not the way of surviving because most of them have poisonous bloods or bodies but it’s possible to find some insects may be eaten when it’s really in starvation period.
If it’s the nuclear war, try to travel or live alone. It’s true that Hollywood cliché shows post-apocalyptic gangs on the road but it will not be possible because even founding food for one person will be harder than ever.

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