How Many Elevator Manufacturers are there in the world?

With the rapid development of the technology in last hundred year and after the industrial revolution in the world there are lots of new innovations that make people’s lives much more easy than the past. On this point, elevators are maybe one of the most important and one of the most popular innovations in the world that are produced up to now. With the using of the electricity these machines are run and they make people’s life too much easy. As a result of the invention of the elevators people start to build new structures and these structures are very tall buildings and on this point people can reach the top on these high buildings with the help of the elevators. Now let’s look at the history of the elevators in a short way.asansor

The History of Elevators


When we look at the first elevators we see that in the 19th century the first elevators are used in the mines and factories in order to transport coal or other things that are impossible or difficult for a person to carry. Without using of the elevators it is very difficult to carry loads like coal or other necessary equipments for the factories but as we said before it is one of the most perfect inventions that are by the humans up to now. When we think about our modern day elevators we can say that the first elevators that are in secure is produced in the middle of the 19th century and up to the that history people can produce only 5 or 6 floor elevators but from that time they start to produce much more powerful and complicated elevators. And when we look at our modern day in almost all apartment there is or there are elevators for people or carrying the loads.



From that time on people start to produce different types of elevators like the elevators with electric or like the elevators that are run by computers. Thanks to the rapid development of the technology the industry of elevators are also developing itself and most probably in the future there will be lots types of elevators in high technologies. For example in modern elevators there is a computer support and they are programmed by the computer and working according to the comments of the computer. In our modern era there are lots of manufacturers that are produce elevator. These are 60 elevator manufacturers in the whole world and they are producing it in a quality way because it is very difficult to produce elevators. Some of the names of these brands are: Schweizerische Wagons- und Aufzügefabrik AG, Schlieren-Zürich, Stannah Lifts, Mitsubishi Electric,Montgomery Elevator, Anton Freissler, Fujitec, Schindler Elevator Corporation, Schindler Group, Thyssen Krupp, Toshiba. These are the most popular elevator manufacturers in the world and each year millions of people are buying them and from the point of the security they are very good.


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