How Many Different Islands Are There in Aegean Region ?

How Many Different Islands Are There in Aegean Region ?

In the world there are lots of different places and the features of these places show difference between each other because of the structure of the earth that is placed or climate or we can count lots of different reasons of changing of the features of the places. In the world we can see lots of different places that we can travel and some of them are like heaven. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the islands that are placed in the Aegean sea.



The Number of the Islands that Placed in Aegean Sea


When we say the name of the Aegean Sea we see that lots of people think about the sea that is placed between the Turkey and Greece countries. We can see that in this region the Mediterranean climate is available and the people who are living in these regions are known as warm people not only because of the climate of the region but also the geography and beauty of the region and when we look at the whole world millions of people are coming to visit these regions because it is one of the most important and one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you like the sea and the sun you should be these regions in order to get fun from the sun, sea and the people. The tourist who are visiting these regions want that they will come back again in the future and this is another reason of the beauty of the region. In this region we can see that there are lots of different islands and they are the most beautiful islands in the world we can say.



In the region there are not only big islands but also on the other hand there are lots of small islands and in total in accordance with the geographic researches that are done in the past there are 1415 different islands in the region and the 1395 of this 1415 island’s Greece islands and the rest of them are Turkey’s islands. Between two countries there are always a conflict about the islands, because of the long politic arguments and the workings lots of the Aegean Islands’ under the Greece control. As we said before there are hundreds of different islands in the Aegean Sea but we can see that there are 12 different islands and these islands are the most popular and the most important and in addition of them they are the biggest islands in the Aegean region. Ten of these 12 islands are under the control of Greece and there are other two islands that are under the control of the Turkey. Each year millions of people are coming to see these different and beautiful 12 islands and they are seeing the view of the sun and they are eating the traditional food of the region and on the other hand there are lots of different plants in the region. For example; in the region the most important and the most widespread plant is olive and it plays very important role in the economy of the region and we can count lots of other feature of the region. Maybe one day you will also go to the islands and see them.



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