How many HTTP status codes are there?

Http statues codes are the response to page request. HTTP client recognizes the response and redirects the user to another page. Some codes are for professionals but mostly codes are understandable by standard users. In the first years of internet, there were problems about HTTP status codes but then new standards made the way. There are 5 main categories of status codes. Some codes are very similar but some of them are unique. Categories of status codes are 1xx Informational, 2xx Success, 3xx Redirection, 4xx Client Error and 5xx Server Error. Some of the status codes like 404 are popular. How many HTTP status codes are there?

There are nearly 60 HTTP status codes in HTTP. 1xx codes mean that request is taken and process is continuing. 100 means continue, 101 means switching protocols and 102 means processing. It’s mostly possible to see 102 in WebDAV process.

2xx codes mean success. 200 is the general message and it means HTTP request’s response is OK. 202 means request accepted. 204 means No Content available and 208 means already reported that mostly using for WebDAV.

3xx codes mean redirection. 301 is the most popular code on this category. It means Moved Permanently and all requests to URL are redirecting to new one.

4xx codes are Client error codes. 404 Not Found is the most popular one on this category. Also 418 I’m a teapot became popular after IETF used it as a joke for April Fool. 5xx status codes mean Server Error.

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