How Many Universities Are There in The World ?

How Many Universities Are There In The World ?

Universities are the main centers of  science,survey, literature and also there are lots of other branches of universities. The roots of modern universities are based upon middle era schools whose name is “studia generalia” in other words “general studies”. On the other hand, it can be said that on the ground of the universities there are Platon and Aristo’s studies. Today’s universities are inspired by Aristo and Platon’s studies where people can say their ideas whatevet they think and in their studies there is no politic or religional oppression.

From the beginning of the setting up the first universities, the number of universities has been increasing from the centuries. So, our main topic is how many universities are the in the World today ? According to a study of International Journal of Scientometrics, infometrics and biometrics, in our modern World there are 17036 universities. These universities are studying continuously in order to develop themselves and their aim is to provide benefits to the whole humanity. 4182 of these world universities take place in U.S.A. These universities or colleges are supported by public or private sector. When we look at the number of universities in USA we see that there are 622 public 4-year instutuions, 1828 private 4-year instutuions, 1076 public two year instutuions and finally there are 4182 private 2-year instutions.



How Many Universities Are There In The World ?
On the other hand, when we look at the number of universities in Europe, we see that there are around 4000 universities in Europe. These statistics are from European Union. West Europe’s and other candidate countries universities’ are inside this statistics. These universities are taking lots of students to their structures and they develop themselves to much extend. 34 percent of those students employ as a researcher throught the whole Europe. This ratio can be change place to place, for example 26 percent of them work in Germany, other 55 percent of those students work in Spain and another group whose number is over 70 percent work for Greece. When we compare USA and Europe, we can see that European Union gives importance to science and technology rather than USA and in Europe much more students than USA graduate from university in these studying fields. But, on the other hand, in Europe there are less research about the other technological powers than USA. This obvious dilemma is explained by the fact that fewer research posts are open to science graduates in Europe, especially in the private sector: the researchers who is working in businness sector is 50 percent of those reseachers but in Japan and America 83 percent of American researchers and 66 percent of Japanase researchers work in businness sector.
The number of universities in the world is increasing day by day. In near future, with the help of the developing technology and expanding the universities along the world, we as humanity will reach lots of new information abut which will make our lives easy and we will get extensive knowledge. In the fields of technologh, science, health, literature, education and lots of studies like those studies, humanity will have lots of new information and use them for the benefit of humanity with the help of developing univiersities around the world. We can say that universities are the main knowledge centers for developing and progressing.


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