How many ways are there for tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening or Teeth whitening is popular way for a cleaner look at tooth. It’s the key of a good and clean smile. Especially smokers need this whitening move every month. It’s also very important for teeth health because dental plaques are one of the biggest enemies of dental health and teeth health. It’s also important to find the right way of teeth whitening because especially smoke turns all teeth’s color to yellow and products like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen are not enough to clean it. They give only a temporary color change but it will be same again after a few days. How many ways are there for tooth whitening?

In-office bleaching is definitely best way for whitening teeth. It’s possible to get it in a dental office and only half hour is enough for whitening. It’s a common belief that in-office bleaching is very expensive but using the whitening products for a long time goes to same expense and they have no such good effects in tooth whitening. In-office bleaching experts use carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide for bleaching. Expert may use a light or laser to heat the cleaning area and heat activates the peroxide. When it reaches the optimum shade, expert gives a fluoride product to cleanse your mouth against sensitivity. Patient must stay away from foods like tomato, cigarette and red wine at least 24 hours.

Teeth Whitening gels became popular after 90s. They are very effective but you need to buy product for 6-7 times for a good clean and it’s a long period. Gel’s quality comes from peroxide level inside and regular applying is very important for the best effect. Main problem on gel usage for tooth whitening is the result. It’s not possible to use gel as an expert and mostly result is not balanced all teeth so it’s common situation that while front teeth are looking white, surround teeth look yellow and it’s worse scene than first situation. It’s very important to go dentist ever before buying new teeth whitening gel because doctor can indicate your sensitivity level of peroxide, yellow level of teeth and its main reason so you can choose the best gel for your teeth.

Today, it’s possible to find teeth whitening strips in every drugstore. They are not expensive and easiest to use ever. But there are thousands of brands on teeth whitening strips and it’s not possible to say a good or bad product or works for you or not. Like gels, teeth whitening strips need a long time and patience.
Teeth whitening toothpastes use mild abrasives. They fight against surface stains. But most of the teeth whitening toothpastes include polishing agents and they don’t really bleach the yellow and only paint the teeth to white temporarily. Also they include some special chemicals and these chemicals may get serious side effects for dental health.
There are also various not categorized products in the market like gums, mouthwashes and dental flosses. Their usage is easier than classic methods but it’s hard to say they have enough and permanent whitening. Especially mouthwashes have polishing agents and they paint and polish the teeth but it’s temporary and lasts for an hour.

It’s important to look for American Dental Association (ADA) approval while buying teeth whitening products. Also some uncontrolled products may include high peroxide levels than accepted and they can cause serious problems. Also while classic methods have lots of scientific researches and approved by science clinics, most of new methods have not enough researches and approval of science clinics still.

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