How Many Different Generations of Honda Accord Up to Now?

Do you like the cars? Do you have car? Are you interested the cars that are new in the world market? Which car do you use? Which car is in your dream? From the beginning of the industrial revolution, the people have been studying in order to produce the new models of the cars and they want to add lots of new innovations to the cars that are on the market. As all we know, with the rapid developing of the technology and the industries in the whole world, we can see the concrete developments in the field of the cars. When we look at the history of the cars we can see that the first car is produced in the world in the years between the 1670 and 1680’s and after that time up to now that industry has been increasing too much extend. Today when we look at the whole world, it is possible to see that there are lots of different cars of brands and in each family there is a car in order to use in their daily lives. There are lots of positive effects of the cars to the people. hondaaccord-resimleri

. For instance; people can use their personal cars in their personal works and they can go wherever they want with their cars. On the other hand it is possible to see that there are lots of different car brands that are available in the world now and when we look at the negative ways of the using of the cars, it is possible to see that we can count lots of different reasons not to use the cars. First of all they are giving harm to the our environment and we can say that the main reason of the contamination in our earth today is the emissions that are caused by the cars. At this point, people have to be very careful when they are using their cars and it is recommended by most of the experts that people should use public transports if they don’t have any rush. In the world market, as we said before there are lots of different brands and today we are going to make a short analysis about the brand of the Honda and a model of Accord of Honda. Let’s look at the different generations of the Honda Accord from the history.


The Number of the Generation of Honda Accord


When we think about the being common in the world, Honda Accord is one for the most popular and one of the most used cars that are available in the world. When we look at the history of it we can see that the first generation of it is emerged in the year of 1976 and when it is first emerged to the market, it has lots of interest from the people and after 5 years age the company of Honda changes the generation of it and a new generation comes to the market. Totally there are 8 different generations of Honda Accord up to now.


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