How Many IATA Members of All Around the Whole World ?

In the last a hundred year with the help of the developments in almost all fields all around the whole world, again we see that the huge developments in the field of the flying companies. In the world today there are lots of different flying companies and each day millions of people are travelling by plane in order to reach the places that they want and because of the lots of the advantages of the planes. IATA

. First of all we can say that they are the fastest means of transportation all around the whole world and most of the people are choosing the planes in their transportations. On this point the flying companies start to get the passengers from each other in order to get much more budgets and as a result of this situation they start to increase their qualities and in last years there are lots of different assemblages in order to increase the quality of the plane companies and they are all known all around the whole world and on this point when a passenger hear the name of the assembly he or she decide to travel with that company and because of this situation the flying companies try to increase their quality and correspondingly they are trying to enter these assemblages. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the assembly of the IATA and we will give some important information about the IATA.



A Short View to IATA


IATA is one of the most popular and one of the most important flying assembly all around the whole world, and each year it is increasing the number of its members and because of these reasons millions of people are choosing the assembly’s flying companies. When we look at the original name of the IATA, we can see that the company’s name is International Air Transport Association and at first it is founded in order to provide the economic and secure flights and because of this reason the company start to being bigger and bigger in a little time. It is founded in the year of the 1945 in the city of Havana of Cuba and after some time the assembly start to increase its debts and the members. When the assembly first founded, there are 57 members from the 31 countries but when we look at the situation that is now there are approximately 270 members of IATA from 140 countries. And nowadays there are lots of flying companies that want to be the member of IATA and they applies the company of IATA in order to be the member. And it seems that in the future the assembly will be increased too much from the point of members and the debts and correspondingly to this situation there will be millions of people who will make transportation all around the whole world. Today there are lots of popular companies that are the members of IATA.

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