How many paintings Picasso made?

Pablo Picasso was born Malaga in 1881. His name is coming from her mother and her mother saw this name on a dream. He is one of the biggest painters on world’s history. He started to paint on 9 year old then he never stopped till death.  How many paintings Picasso made for being so famous?

Her relatives say Picasso was an artist since he was born. His first word is pencil on the school. He first started to work with art dealer Pere Menach then sold his paintings himself.

There are lots of rumours about Picasso’s total paintings. Some people say total number is over 20.000. But Picasso researchers say it’s over 1.000 only. Picasso was selling what he paint before being famous so it’s impossible to find the real number.

There are world famous paintings Picasso made like Guernica. Picasso was not a high politics man but he figured lots of political paintings. Famous painting of Picasson” Guernica” was about bombing of Guernica in 1937. The Spanish Republican government wanted it from Picasso and it’s displayed on 1937 World’s Fair in Paris.

Picasso was not a thief but many times he’s accused for it. One of them was about Mona Lisa. In 1911 someone stole Mona Lisa from Louvre. Police accused poet Guillaume Apollinaire and he fingered Picasso for this. Picasso got busted but then released.

Today scientists are making researches of Picasso paintings on computer and it’s possible to see he has lots of secrets in his paintings. Especially politic paintings have lots of hidden symbols and interpretations besides the visible ones.

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