How many important points while buying infant car seat?

Selecting the right infant car seat may be vital for your children. It’s also important for you because you may need to carry, shape or lay it for many times till your child grows. Today there are thousands of infant car seat models in the market and it’s very hard to choose the right one. It’s also definite that all children have different characters and dimensions so they need seats with different features. Also there’s a Federal guide for infant car seats. How many important points while buying infant car seat?

Most important thing while buying an infant car seat is definitely harness. Today 5 point harnesses are popular and there are also 3 point harnesses in the market. 5 point harness means straps hold shoulders, crotch and both hips. 3 point harness only holds shoulders and crotch. Children in 5 point harness mostly cry because it gives no chance to turn but 3 point harness is too easy to turn and some children may escape from it. Today there are 5 point harnesses with “twist free” feature in the market. They have a special strap technique and gives child turning space in security. Children in narrow straps mostly harm his or her arms and legs while trying to turn in harness.

Size of the infant car seat is also important. Today car seats are not so cheap and buying a large or small one may create problems. Especially bigger car seats will not stay stable in the base and they will be dangerous.
Infant car seat also must be easy to use. First of all, it must be easily placed in car’s seat and must stay stable. Also it must be easy to close and open. Straps must be inserted and located easily. There are some new infant car seats that can be increased in height and it’s a very useful feature because children grow fast.
Strength of the product that used on producing infant car seats may be vital for children. Don’t forget that they are not only a tool for keeping children silent and motionless in car but they are also a life jacket for them in car crashes. It’s possible to see lots of car crashes that children are saved by strong infant car seat. Some infant car seats offer impact protection for side and head. Especially they also offer EPS Foam.

Weight of the carrier is also an important point to consider while deciding which infant car seat to buy. If you are considering using the infant car seat all day long, in and out of the car you should pick a lighter model to be practical. Weights of the carriers range from 5 lbs to 8-9 lbs, it should be written in technical details of infant car seat.
Because of legal limitations and for children’s safety, children who are under 1 year or 20 lbs should be facing back in the infant car seat while you are driving. So, you may consider buying an infant car seat that will be suitable for your child until he/she reaches the legal age or weight to turn forward. Or, you may want your child to use infant car seat as long as possible, so you should be careful about the weight and height limitations of the infant car seat. Some models can carry almost 30 lbs and can contain multiple harness strap positions.
There are lots of infant car seat brands in the market and some brands may not be safe and reliable, so you must be careful while choosing the right infant car seat for your valuable ones.

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