How many ways are there that thieves are stealing credit card information?

Credit card id theft is the biggest crime in the world now. According to latest reports, payment making by stolen ids are bigger than payment customers are making. In 90s, it was very limited ways of credit card id theft but today there are many ways and some of them are using big restaurants and similar for it. According to numbers, every 1 of 10 American costumers faced the credit card id theft in the country. Also sometimes the companies that costumers gave the credit card number are losing their information by hacking. How many ways are there that thieves are stealing credit card information?

Most popular way of credit card id theft today is restaurants. There are some machines known as skimmers to steal credit card id of customers. When it’s time to pay for dinner, waiter says their pos machine is not wireless and he has to take your credit card to pay point. Customer gives his credit card and before using pos machine, waiter passes it through the skimmer to copy all credit card information. It’s only a few seconds to copy all information. Today wireless pos devices are very popular and this trick is possible in less and less restaurants. But against all precautions, it’s still the most popular way to steal credit card id especially in luxury restaurants.
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Internet is another popular way of stealing credit card id. Using credit card online means writing all information to it without any password. You may pay to a secure website but hackers may enter the system of it and steal your information. The websites you paid must have updated SSL certificates to secure your credit card. Also they have to use the credit card info for only buying process and they don’t keep it for later use. It’s very common to see after 2000s that hacked online companies lost over 100.000 credit cards info.
Banks are trying to make ATMs more secure but it’s still possible to see thieves adapting skimmers into them. When you entered your card into ATM, skimmer reads and copies all information of your card. You can continue your process as normal without noticing skimmer and you can only notice it when it’s used. This method makes only possible the internet shopping by your credit card info. After banks started to build more secure ATMs, thieves started to use small hidden cameras adapted to ATM so they can see your password also and cash your all money directly. You must only use ATMs looking secure. Also you have to know that using the ATMs in the city center don’t guarantee your security.
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Stealing credit cards with wallets is another way of credit card id steling. Thieves love travellers. They can steal your wallet in a crowded train or bus. If you are in a long travel or in a country you went first, you can use prepaid travel credit cards which allows you to limit your credit.
After many events and precautions, numbers of steals by mail are decreased but there are still thousands of people losing their info by mail. Most popular method of stealing credit card information is sending fake mail like coming from bank. Banks were sending mail in 90s but now none of the banks are sending e-mail. But especially new internet users are falling to this trap and sending their credit card numbers to thieves. It’s true that when someone send his or her credit card info with mail, he or she has no right to refund or accusing bank.

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