How many symptoms of Cervical Cancer are there?

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers of women all over the world. Doctors mostly use Pap smear for identify dangerous changes and potential dangers in cervical cells. Early treatment can prevent cancer for many patients. Today especially developed countries are using cervical screening programs for decreasing the patients of cervical cancer. Main reason known for Cervical Cancer is Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Infection is an effective way for preventing woman from cervical cancer but it’s not the perfect solution so women have to use regular Pap smear screening. How many symptoms of Cervical Cancer are there?

It’s very rare to see symptoms in the first period of cervical cancer. Even routine Pap smear is enough for diagnosing cervical cancer or its starting point easily, a few of women use it lack of symptoms.
It’s varying how fast cervical cancer goes advanced for women. For some women, it goes very slow and after first symptoms, it’s possible to diagnose and treat it. But for some women, it’s very quick to go advance levels.
It’s possible to see vaginal bleeding or contact bleeding in some women. Vaginal mass is very rare on this stage and it’s reason is possibly different than cervical cancer. But also vaginal mass can be a sign for malignancy’s pressure. Some women feel vaginal pain in the sexual intercourse but they hardly notice about a cancer causing it.

When cervical cancer started to pass early stage, menstrual cycle starts to change. This change is mostly unexplained and unexplained for women but it’s significant. Most of the women wait for new menstrual cycle longer than enough and cancer passes some levels more. Menstrual cycle may stop for some women on this period. Women think that in a problem in vagina, it must be bloody and dirty water for discharge but because of cervical cancer’s nature, discharge of early situations are clear and shiny water without blood. But after some days, discharge starts to smell bad.
Pelvic pain is also a symptom of cervical cancer but it’s not only for cervical cancer. Women must be very careful about pelvic pain because a standard pelvic pain must stay at most 4 days but if cervical cancer is there, it can goes on for weeks. Pelvic pain gets harder in every day for cervical cancer.
In the late symptoms of cervical cancer, most common one is constipation and blood in the urine.
Constipation is maybe not the reason women are going to doctor but blood in the urine is a common reason. Also temporary bone pains start to be permanent. Especially pain in abdomen area starts to increase.
Women can notice significant but unexpected changes in their bladder and bowel habits. These changes start to affect all lifestyle and schedule of women after a short period. After change on bowel and bladder habits, loss of appetite starts and weight loss follows it. Patient starts to feel lack of energy and some of them can’t find enough energy for even walking.

Today doctors offer Pap smear every year for controlling. Also if bleeding after sex is very common and it’s painful, it can be a reason of cervical cancer. Also bleeding more than standard in normal periods are a reason for taking an appointment from doctor for cervical cancer.
It’s very rare but it’s possible to see cervical cancer symptoms like bleeding after menopause period in some older women. It’s mostly the result of cervical cancer. All women have to take control for cervical cancer every year and if risk is greater they must do it every six months.

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