How Many People Died in the Second World War?

When it is thought the history of the world, it can be easily seen that there are lots of wars in the history of humanity because fight and aggressiveness are available when we think of the nature of the humanity. In order to get food, water and other natural resources people have been killing each other from long years and again as we said before when it is thought the future, up to the end of the world people will kill each other and the wars will never end because of the fact that of the people’s searching for new resources in order to keep their lives continue. Kitchener_and_Birdwood_at_Anzac_2

On this point when we look at the history of humanity we can see lots of wars that affect to the almost all of the humanity in a bad way. Already the wars affect people in a bad way. In world history there are two wars that affect the almost all of the humanity too much extend. These wars are World War One and the other one is World War Two, in both wars millions of people lost their lives and other millions lost a part of their bodies and billions of people also lost a family members of them. On the other hand, most of the years people cant forget the bad affects of the wars and from the point of physiological field they can not make their minds healthier. Now we are going to see a short view of Second World War and some statistics about the war.



The Number of People who Died in Second World War


Second World War is one of the biggest wars in the history of the world after the First World War. It’s dates are between the years of 1939 and 1945 and most of the communities in the world take place in this war. Almost all of the great countries of the that time take place in the war and these countries are, Great Britain, Russia Federation, Germany, France, The United States of America, Italy, Japan and other countries. Approximately up to the number of 100.000 people fight in that war and it is the first time in the history of the war the using of the nuclear bomb. Except for this there are lots of dangerous attacks are made in the Second World War and in accordance with the experts there are lots of people who are affected from the war. Let’s look at the statistics of Second World War. In Second World War approximately 35 million people die these people die not only in the line but also after the war because of the illnesses that they take during the war. On the other hand 20 million people is disabled because of the weapons or other reasons. 17 million liter people blood is lost in the war. When we think about the consequences of the war we can see there are lots of negative consequences of the wars and because of this people hope to finish all of the wars and we hope to not to see people who are dying in the wars.


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