How many videos are there on Youtube?

Youtube is the biggest video host in the world. Individual users and companies like CBS and VEVO uploads the videos to Youtube. Google bought company for US$ 1.65 billion in 2006. Youtube statistics are important for business world and people. People wonder about how many videos are on Youtube and more.

Youtube is a daily developing company so it’s hard to say the exact number of Youtube videos. But Google says they are over 120 billion now. Moreover 200.000 videos are uploading daily by 300.000.000 users. Most of the uploaded videos are about music. Youtube was opened for only sharing music but then people started to share all videos.

Youtube is deleting 10 videos every moment for copyright problems and other problems. %80 of video uploaders are amateurs. In the first years of Youtube, there was a copyright problem on videos. Then Youtube created a copyright system so this problem is solved.

Youtube was deleting all commercial videos in first years. After Google bought the company, uploading a commercial video is free now. But there are some strict rules about competition.

United States citizens are uploading %35 of all Youtube videos. They are uploading mostly rap videos and politics. United Kingdom citizens have 7% of the Youtube videos. Most of the videos uploaded from United Kingdom are about Europe and England history.

Philippines is 4%. Philippines citizens are uploading videos about electronics and tourism. Other countries like Australia, Brazil and Canada is 3% of Youtube uploaders. They like to share music and jokes.


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