How many Men in Black movies are there?

Men in Black is a famous movie series created by Lowell Cunningham and Ed Solomon. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are the actors of all movies. First movie released in 1997 and made a big impact with its adventurous and funny style. Lots of critics said that it was nothing more than an alien comedy but running out of clichés made the movie famous than others. Aliens living in human body were an interesting detail in movie. How many Men in Black movies are there?

There are three movies of Men in Black. First movie is released with the name “Men in Black”. Movie made great impact with its funny moments and won Oscar at last.

Second movie of series was Men in Black Back in Black. In movie, Agent K was lost and Agent J is sent to find him. It didn’t create a big impact like first movie but critics like its style.

Men in Black 3 is based on 1960s America. Agent J is going to early years of department and trying to save Agent K from assassination. Barry Sonnenfeld is the director of the movie like first and second movies. In last movie, producers tried to replace lots of famous celebrities into story. There are famous singers in movie like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and famous director Tim Burton. Alice Eve is the new hope of cinema and she’s a good way to popularize the movie among social life. Also Emma Thompson will appear in movie.

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