How Many Inventions does have Thomas Alva Edison?

The Life of Thomas Alva Edison

In world’s history there are a lot of people who affect the most of the humanity. Maybe by doing a new invention or finding a new medicine or something like these thing those people maybe have been changing the destiny of the humanity and in future we believe that they will again change the destiny of the world. On this point we can say that Edison is one of the most important people along the world that affect the humanity’s destiny.ThomasEdison


. As we know Edison is the inventor of the bulb. But he has lots of other inventions but if we look at the life of Edison at first it can be better for all of us. All of us know him as Edison but his full name is Thomas Alva Edison. He is born in the year of 11 February 1847 and he dies in the year of 1931 he is from the United States of America and he is not only inventor but also he is businessman. With his inventions the affects the 20th century too much extend and all of the people who are living in our era know about him. He is born in the city of Milan, Ohio of the United States of America. He has seven siblings and he is the seventh of those seven siblings. His father’s name is Samuel Edison and his mother is Nancy Matthews Elliott. In his life he is interested in researching and at the end of those researches he invented lots of things. Let’s look at the inventions of him.



The number of Inventions that are done by Thomas Alva Edison.

When we look at the inventions that are done by Edison we see that lots of the things that we are using today are based on the Edison’s inventions. Most basically he invents the bulb in the year of 1879 and when we thing the invention of the bulb from the point of our general life it is maybe one of the biggest inventions along the history of the world. Because by using the bulb people are supporting light and the bulb gives people too much benefit.  When we look at the whole inventions of the Thomas Alva Edison we see that he has 1903 patents. These 1903 patents are from the different countries because he works in the different countries in order to invent a new thing when he is living. After the invention of the bulb of Edison we can look at the other popular inventions of him. His other inventions that are very important and maybe it is not heart before are Electrographic Vote-Recorder, Pneumatic Stencil Pen, Magnetic Iron-ore Separator,The Electric Power Meter, Method of Preserving Fruit, Electric Car, Concrete House, Concrete Furniture, Phonograph For Dolls or Other Toys and The Spirit Phone. These inventions are all of affect people’s lives in a positive way and in future people will not forget Edison.



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