How Many People Are Living in the City of Budapest of the Country of the Hungary?

What do you think about the rapid increase of the world population? Do you think that it is possible to see that the world population will be reached to the billions? What can be the possible solutions to stop this increase? And what can be the effects of the rapid increasing of the world population to the people who are living in the different regions of the world? Today we are going to make a short analysis about the populations and some of the specific features of the city of Budapest of the country of Hungary. Correspondingly to the increasing population of the whole world, the population of the Budapest has been increasing too much extend especially in last ten years because in the year of the 2004 the county becomes the member of the European Union and as a result of this situation there are lots of the different possibilities in the country, not only in the field of the industry but also on the other hand people can find job in order to keep their lives to go on and as a result of this situation lots of the people are emigrating to this city.


When we look at the cultural way of the city of the Budapest, it is possible to see for us that there are lots of the different cultural heritages in the city and each year millions of the people are coming to visit and see those popular and the important places. When we look at the history of the city, it is possible to see that there are lots of the different civilizations that have been ruling the city and again at that point there are lots of the effects of these civilizations to the development of the city. The city stands in the middle Europe and it can be said that it is in the heart of the Europe. In the city, there are two major regions and one of them is Buda and the other is Pest and the river of the Tuna is separating the city into two different parts and people who are coming to the visiting the city are traveling two parts of the city in order to see the history of the city and in the city there are lots of beautiful places.


One of the most important and popular building in the city is the building of the Parliament and it is very important for the city. When you say the name of the city, it is possible to hear the name of the building of the Parliament in the whole regions of the world. Today, when we look at the population of the city, there are 1.740.250 people are living in the city in accordance with the researches that are done recently and it seems that with the rapid development of the city there will be lots of the people who will increase the population of the city in the next years.


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