How many burglaries are occurring in United States in one day?

Burglary is one of the main social problems in America. It was not a big problem in 1970s and lots of states were known as safer as you may stay at home without closing the door. Every country on the world has different types of burglary but the United States is the strangest ever. Mostly alarmed homes are burglarizing and most of the burglars are entering to home from front door. How many burglaries are occurring in United States in one day?

Every year there are over 2 million burglaries all over the USA. It means there are over 6.000 burglaries every day. Most of them are residential burglaries. People believe that alarms may avoid the burglaries and burglars mostly prefer alarmed places. Only 300.000 of burglaries are solving every year in USA.

Most of the burglars are men. 10 am to 3 pm are the most dangerous hours for burglarizing. Lots of the burglars have a gun or knife and they are ready to kill.

In 2012, Burglaries are occurring in every 14.16 seconds. Reports showed that alarm systems have no disincentive sign on burglaries. Burglars are mostly using drugs before entering homes and lots of them don’t remember anything.

Tomorrow it’s reported that it’s very rare to find a home that is not burglarized in USA. North Carolina has the highest burglarize rate in USA. 2800 of every 100.000 people in country is facing the burglary in a year.

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