How many ways of managing the stress are there?

Stress is the illness of century. It’s not killing directly like Aids or Cancer but it’s the main cause of many big diseases. Today there are 8 billion people in the world and world resources are not enough to give everyone a life without stress. Stress is also something create in their mind with inside and outside factors so it’s not possible to treat it with only medicine or therapy. Today various things like responsibilities about home and work, long work hours, family problems and more are triggering stress. Reducing stress is vital and stress is more dangerous than anything. How many ways of managing the stress are there?

According to psychotherapists, it’s very hard to live without any stress in this century. Responsibilities are over and over every day because life is getting harder and harder. But it’s possible to lower the stress level and keeping away the unnecessary stress creators. It’s very hard to find the direct source of stress but looking to general habits, behaviors and excuses will give answers about source of stress on you. Psychotherapists offer to keep a stress journal if it started to hurt you directly. You can write daily about sources of stress on you, how you are feeling when you entered into stress, how you behave when you entered into stress and are you doing something to feel better. Writing will help you to notice and find the sources of stress and what you are doing to avoid it.

It’s true that everyone living in modern life is stressful and it’s normal so important thing is that how you cope with stress every day. Are you facing with stress and trying to cope or are you surfing in the waves of Stress Sea and skidding wherever it drags. Also millions of people are using wrong ways to cope with stress like smoking, drinking, sitting in front of TV for hours, taking drugs, sleeping too much and showing behaviors like physical violence to others. If you are making one or more of them for coping with stress, you are on the wrong way too.

Learning the healthier ways of coping with stress is not the hardest thing in the world. Some people tries to change her lifestyle and behaviors directly. It’s not a good solution for coping with stress. Also actions like trying to solve puzzles, changing the behavior style or refusing new responsibilities are not enough and realistic solutions and they are temporary.
First of all, control what you are thinking about most. People like to speak about problematic situations but it makes them worry. Try to limit or not to speak about topics making you worry like religion, politics and similar.

Also control a day of your worries and feelings. Are you talking about them or bottling them inside all-time? People need to talk about their problems and feelings. You will feel that it’s relaxing you. Researches showed that lots of feelings triggers hormones which are creating anxiety.

Also keeping the humor and smile are the biggest rivals of stress. Researches showed that people who are keeping humor on their most stressful moment are living longer and avoiding stress better than others. Humor is not silly jokes about uncared situations but finding some funny sides of your stressful job. You will see that people are accepting you as a humorous person after some attempt and you are working relax than ever.
What you eat is also important for coping with stress. It’s possible to find some fruits and vegetables are fighting with stress level on body.

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