How Many versions of Pro Evolution Soccer have?

A general view to Video Games

With the development of the computer technology, personal computers are available almost in every home and again thanks to the technology video game industry also develop to much extend. It is so widespread that in the world in almost all countries there are lots of people who are the addicted to video games. When we look at the video games in history we see that after the 1950s the industry in this field start to develop itself and then in those years it is no longer an economic industry.pes2013

With the spreading of the devices that support video games again the numbers of people who are interested in these devices increase. In modern world people are always working and in order to keep their lives continue people have to do it. On the one hand they are getting money that are sufficient to keep their lives going on and on the other hand they are losing their health from the point of general way. In order to make relax their minds people are searching alternative ways again when we think about the modern day cities they are very crowded and it is very difficult for people to relax themselves in a city, they have to go outside of the city and because of the impossibility of to go outside of the their cities people have to find alternative ways in order to relax their mind. In this point video games become a part of their activities. People are collecting their friends and playing video games and by this way they are relaxing. When we look at the modern video games, football games are very popular. Maybe it is the popularity of the football among the world. And when we look at this industry there are two companies that are maybe the most popular among the world from the point of their games. One of these companies is KONAMI and the other is EA Sports. And their games’ names are Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA Series respectively. There are people who like Pro Evolution Soccer series and there are other people who like FIFA Series but we can say that Pro Evolution Soccer is the most popular football game in the world, and then now let’s look at the Pro Evolution Soccer.



The features of Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer is a football game by KONAMI and there are millions of people who are playing it. People can play it via internet and this is very great advantage for the users because they can play the game from their homes in multiplayer mode. Pro Evolution Soccer has lots of series and almost in each year they are launching a new version. Up to now, there are 13 Pro Evolution Soccer video games. The first series of it is released in the year of 2000 and the last game is released 2013 and in future most probably KONAMI will continue to release new versions of it.


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