How many big earthquakes occurred in Pacific Ring of Fire since 1957?

Pacific ring of fire is an area that is known with big earthquakes and volcanoes. The area is over 40,000 km and locates from Alaska to Australia. There are 452 volcanoes on this area and %75 of them is active now. Every year, %90 of earthquakes occurs on this area. How many big earthquakes occurred in Pacific Ring of Fire since 1957?

The biggest earthquake of Pacific Ring of Fire is also the biggest earthquake of the world. It’s called 1960 Valdivia earthquake on Chile and its rating was 9.5 as moment magnitude scale. It’s estimated that over 5.000 people are died on this earthquake.

Other big earthquake occurred on Pacific ring of fire is Andreanof Islands’ earthquake and rated as 8.6. Andreanof Islands of USA lived an earthquake again from Pacific ring of fire on 2007.

Pacific ring of fire’s earthquakes has also seen on recent years. In 2006, Java earthquake caused over 5.000 deaths. Also there are lots of earthquakes in Canada in recent years.

Well-known earthquakes of this ring are on Japan. In 2006 earthquake over 6.000 people died. And in 2011 9.0 earthquake hit Japan and over 1300 people died. Also nuclear accidents created by Tsunami are affected hundreds of residents.

Last earthquake occurred in Singapore in 2012. Its magnitude is 8.7. Last earthquake caused by Pacific ring of fire was on 2004 and over 230.000 people died in this earthquake magnitude as 9.0 and tsunami.

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