How Many Different Countries Are there that the Official Languages of them is Arabic?

What are your thoughts about the development of the different languages in the world? What is the most spoken language in the world today? What do the different people think about the Middle East languages that are available today? As all we know, from the beginning of the humanity, people have been making communication between each other hand at that point one of the most significant tool for the communication for the people is the language. As all we know, in the world today there are lots of the different languages and some of them are spoken in widespread areas but on the other hand it can be possible to see that there are some languages that are just spoken in small parts of some countries. At that point, we can say that in the world there are just a few main languages that are spoken all around the whole world. At that point, we can say that English is the first language that is spoken all around the whole world, after English we can see the people who are speaking Russian and the different dialects of Russian.


On the other hand, Turkish and Arabic are one of the most important languages that are still available today. We can see the Turkish countries like Azerbaijan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and some of others that are speaking the different dialects of Turkish. On the other hand, especially in the region of the Middle East we can see that the most spoken language is Arabic. Today we are going to make a short analysis and we will give some specific information about the language of Arabic and the different countries that are speaking the language of Arabic as their official languages. Let’s look at them all together.


The Number of the Countries that are speaking the language of Arabic as their Official Language


When we look at the region of the Arabic is spoken first, we can see the Middle East countries. Today in the world there are 27 different countries that the official language of them is Arabic and when we look at the names of those countries we can see that list:




















 Saudi Arabia






 United Arab Emirates



It can be easily said that those countries’ roots come from the same basic and they have almost the same culture. The Arabic culture is very widespread not only from the point of the different arts such as literature, architecture and music but on the other hand we can see the effects of the religion of Islam within the culture of Arabic people. It seems that in the future the Arabic culture will affect the people from the different countries of the world. Because of the reserves of the Petrol in their countries they are getting rich day by day and they are developing themselves also.


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