How many popular movies are there about time travel?

Time travelling is a title that people are thinking about till the first man on the earth. There are many theories about its possibility and impossibility. Many people believe that time travel is impossible because time goes and changing the past means changing the future automatically and it’s not possible. Also some people believe that changing the past is possible and change on present is a natural result of it. Some people also believe that changing the future is possible. Novels about time travels are started in old centuries but it entered Hollywood very late but became so popular that many movies are produced on the title. How many popular movies are there about time travel?

It’s definite that most popular movie about time travel is “Back to the Future” series. It’s true that Back to the Future is not the first movie about time travel and not the last one but none of the time travel movies set the future in so magazine and fantastic. What humanity dreamt about future in 80s was on movie. Also there was love, adventure and more. Terms like “flux capacitor”, names like Marty Mcfly became popular culture icons after that series.
With boost and success of Back to the Future, producers planned pure science-fiction in the future and created Star Trek Movies.
They have ability to move past with their machines but they rarely do it. Once when they do it in In “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”, it became unforgettable. They came to 1986 for saving whales. It was the first Star Trek movie giving so strong messages about present. We understand from script that whales are vital for life and future people need it. After success of movie, Star Trek crew and Captain Pickard returned to past again in “Star Trek First Contact”

“12 Monkeys” was an unforgettable movie and it was a fire starter for physiologic thrillers about time travel in 90s. Cooperation of Terry Gilliam and Bruce Willis shocked the world and we all wanted Willis’ return to past for saving the world. Revolution in insane asylum made the movie a worldwide gross hitter. Brad Pitt also earned Academy Award with his role in this movie.
With “Back to the Future”, producers understood that time travel can be fun also. “Groundhog Day” of 1993 was born in this environment. Phil Connors was filling the day and waking up to same day February 2nd repeatedly. He tried hard to solve this problem but couldn’t do it. Many events he faced made the movie a comedy hit of 90s.
The Terminator Series is also a top thriller with time travel concept which changed the cinema. We saw a world that machines conquered the entire world and it needs to be fixed in present. Cyborgs and humanity were rivals and fight was cruel. We will remember the movie with “I’ll be back” quote. Maybe first movie of series was not underlining time travel title completely but Schwarzenegger and James Cameron realized that they need it and made it perfect.
“The Time Machine” is accepted as first popular movie in the time travel concept. We see a Victorian Englishman travelling to far future and he see that humanity is divided. There are monsters and a chaotic environment totally. People liked the movie so much that many directors and produced created movies on the same concept but none of them is so successful on special effects and script.
Also producers created some romantic movies like “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and Kate & Leopold on the time travel concept.

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