How Many Music Albums of Turkish Pop Singer Tarkan Up to Now?

Do you like listening to music? What do you think about the place of the music in people’s lives? Do you think that in the future the popular songs will be emerged like in the past? As people in order to relax ourselves, we are doing lots of the different activities in our lives and at that point listening to the music is one of the most important and one of the most relaxing ways for the people in order to make their lives much more colorful and in order to get rid of the long working hours or stressful lives. From the history, people have been listening the music and especially in last fifty years there are lots of different innovations in the field of the music like all of the developments in the field of the technology and this development has been affecting people’s lives too much extend. tarkanvz4

Today we are going to give some information about the Turkish pop singer whose name is Tarkan. Tarkan is one of the most popular singers in the country of Turkey and when we look at the whole world there are millions of the people who are the fans of the Tarkan from the different regions of the world. Let’s look at the life and music career of the singer of Tarkan. 

The Music Career of Tarkan

When we look at the life of Tarkan, we can see that he is born in the country of Germany and he is grown up in Turkey. He is not only singer but also composer. In the year of the 1992 he releases his first music album and after that time to the now he has been singing songs all around the whole world. Up to now he composed lots of the songs and he does lots of the concerts all around the whole world. When we look at his career, his most popular songs are Kuzu Kuzu, Dudu, Şımarık and in the whole world, the people who like to listening to pop music know about those songs of Tarkan. Especially in the year of the 2002, he releases his single Kuzu Kuzu and first in Turkey and after Turkey in the different countries of the world the song becomes a legend and everybody knows about that song and after that success he starts to give the concerts all around the whole world and it can be easily said that the most bright days of the career of Tarkan are those days. Today also in the different regions of the world, people knows about the songs of Tarkan but his popularity is not like in the old years. Up to now he signs lots of successes and his albums are also in the successes of Tarkan. When we look at the number of the music albums of Tarkan, we can see that he releases 9 different music albums and they are like that:

1992-1993: Yine Sensiz

1994-1996: Aacayipsin

1997-1998: Ölürüm Sana

1998-2000: Tarkan

2001-2002: Karma

2003-2005: Dudu

2006-2007: Come Closer

2008-2009 Metamorfoz

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