How Many users of Instagram are there in the world?

Modern Social Media Using

As all we know in our modern day personal computers, smart phones, tablet computers and other devices that let us to reach the internet are widespread. They are so widespread that most of the people are using them in their daily lives and lots of people call the era of that we live as technology era because as we say before people can do their works whenever and wherever they are with the help of the internet and their personal computers.


On this point people want to communicate with each other and we can see that on this point there are lots of social media interne sites and social media internet software. In our modern day maybe the most popular social media internet sites are Facebook, Twitter and on the other hand there are social media applications in our smart phones the most popular of them are Instagram, whatssap, Zello Walkie Talkie and there are lots of other applications except for them. By using social media internet sites, people can share their videos, pictures, cases, life events and lots of their personal information with their friends. On this point we are going to close look to the application of Instagram.


A close view of the software of Instagram

It can be said that Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing application above those applications that people share their photographs. By using their smart phones people are taking and then immediately they are sharing their photographs on the internet via the application of Instagram. On the Instagram people can find their friends and they can meet new friends who are from the different regions of the world. By sharing their photographs people want to show where they are going or what they are doing and by this way other people or the friends of the people who are sharing their photograph can get information what he or she is doing or where he or she is. With the help of the rapid development of the technology in the field of software like other areas of the computers the application is going to develop itself day by day. And as a result of this the users who are using the application of Instagram are increasing day by day. When we look at the current research that is done in order to determine the number of Instagram users in the world we see that there are about 100 million of active users of Instagram. Every day new features are becoming available in the application of the Instagram. For instance; people can upload not only their pictures but also their videos to the Instagram and on the other hand people can make connection with other social media internet sites such as Facebook and Twitter via Instagram and they can share their photographs from there and with the widespread using of the application the experts in future add lots of new features to the application and the people who are using the application of Instagram will be increased to much extend in the future.



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