How many people starve to death each year in the world?

The reason of the starvation.

In the whole world, lots of people are living and some of them have resources in order to keep their lives continue but on the other hand again there are lots of people who hasn’t got any resources like food or drink in order to continue to their lives. On the one hand, some regions of the world are very wealthy but on the other hand other regions are poor from the point of the resources of the food. There are lots of reasons of this poorness and as a result of the poorness of food or drink or medicine lots of people especially children are dying each year. 88_starving_scared_baby_jpg

First let’s look at the reasons of the starvation in the world. As we said before with the rapid development of the industry results in the development of the weapon industry and on this point as a result of this people start to fight with each other but when we compare the types of wars we see that there are lots of differences between the traditional wars and modern wars. Traditional wars are the wars that are done by swords or other old equipments but on the other hand when we think about the modern wars we can say that in modern wars gunpowder and modern weapons are used in order to collapse the target people. As a result of these wars there is an unbalanced situation between the people, especially after the discovery of gunpowder and after the invention of new continents the order that are in the world change too much extend. The countries who are immigrating to the new continents become much wealthier and with the industrial revolution they are on the finding new resources for their productions.

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. And as a result of this, these countries have been using the other countries’ resources and on this point the other countries that the resources’ are used are becoming poorer and as a result of this the people who are living there are dying from starvation. On this point the greatest reason of starvation is exploitation of poor countries. When we look at the continent of Africa we can see lots of people who are starving each year because of the fact that being without food, drink and medicine and when we look at the basic reason of the being poor of the Africa we see that on the 15th Century people from the countries of Portugal, England, France, Italy and Germany start to exploit its resources and after these events the continent separate into the places for exploitation and then the starvation is started from that time on. As a consequence of the fact that, when it is thought from the general point, in accordance with the current resources the number of people who are starving in each year is 5.000.000 people, the reason is why those people’s dying is only starvation not malnutrition or other reasons.


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