How many vegetarian people are there in the world?

Vegetarianism is one of the most controversial titles on the nutrition topic. Vegetarians don’t eat eggs, meat and products of animal slaughter. They have a plant-based diet. But there are lots of different Vegetarianism types and products may differ. Vegetarianism started in Ancient India then spread to Ancient Greek. Today Vegetarianism is very popular especially in Europe and has a big space in popular culture. How many vegetarian people are there in the world?

Today there are lots of different vegetarianism types. One of them is Ovo vegetarianism. Ovo vegetarians don’t eat dairy products excluding egg.

Lacto vegetarians eat dairy products but don’t eat eggs. Ovo-lacto vegetarianism eats dairy products like milk and egg but don’t like animal flesh.

Vegetarians of veganism don’t eat any animal or diary product and they don’t eat any product tested on animals also.

Vegetarians of raw veganism only eat uncooked seeds, plants and fruits.  All vegetables can only cook up to a low temperature.

Vegetarians of Fruitarianism can only eat fruit or other plant. Important point is that no harm is allowed to plant while collection its fruits.

Buddhist vegetarianism is changing according to schools especially in India. Jain vegetarianism is also an Indian creed like Buddhist vegetarianism. Macrobiotic diet vegetarians may only eat beans and whole grains.

12.4 million People in America call themselves as Vegetarian. It’s estimated that 400 million people are calling themselves as Vegetarian and every year thousands of people are adding to them.


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