How many varieties of Apple are there?

Origins of apple are from Central Asia. Wild ancestor of fruit is Malus sieversii and it’s still possible to find it. According to researches, apple is cultivated before thousands of years in Asia. Also researches showed that apple tree is earliest tree to be cultivated. According to official reports, 69 million tons of apples are cultivating every year. China is the biggest producer and U.S is second. Also apple is used a cultural reference object in many empires. Most popular one is Adam and Eve’s story. There are also popular proverbs like “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” of British in the world. How many varieties of Apple are there?

According to researches, there are 7500 varieties of Apple in the world. It’s still possible to see scientists creating new varieties of apple. After a genome project, Italian scientists announced that they completely decoded apple genome so it will be possible to produce new apple varieties and apples with less genetic illnesses.
Braeburn is one of the most popular apple varieties in the world. It’s originated in New Zealand and firstly released to market in 50s. After researches, it’s revealed that Braeburn has similar nature with Lady Hamilton and Granny Smith and started to be growth in U.S. It’s color varies from orange to red. Also yellow background in this variety is wide. Braeburn has a crisp flesh and juicy inside. It’s available October through July.
apple varieties

Cortland is possible in U.S till 1800s latest period. It’s originally a cross between Ben Davis and McIntosh. According to official reports, it’s firstly developed in New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. Scientists tried to create a sweeter apple than McIntosh and named it Cortland. Most important feature of Cortland is its snow white flesh. Because of genetic feature, Cortland’s white fresh completely resists to getting brownish. Americans like to use it in salads. Variety is possible September through April.
Empire is one of the newest cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious. It’s created in New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. Most distinctive feature of Empire is its juicy inside. Also it has a delightful sweet−tart flavor. Empire is one of the most selling apple varieties in the U.S but it’s not so popular in Europe and Asia. Empire is available September through July.
Fuji is developed in Japan in 30s. Name of apple is coming from Mt. Fuji of Japan. It is very popular in Japan markets and become available in U.S markets after 80s. It’s a cross between Red Delicious and Ralls Janet. Most distinctive feature of Fuji is its sweet flavor. Also children love Fuji color because of their bi−colored outer side. Cultivation of Fuji starts in September and it’s available on all months now.
Gala is one of the most popular apple varieties worldwide. It’s originated in New Zealand. Variety is a cross between Golden Delicious and Kidd´s Orange Red. In a visit of Queen Elizabeth II to New Zealand, she tried Gala apple and liked it. She ordered to buy Gala apples to Palace frequently and name of apple is given on her honor. It entered United States market in 70s and became one of the most popular apples of U.S sooner. It’s a very sweet apple and many people believe that it’s perfect apple for snacking. Harvest of Gala apples start in mid−July and it’s available year−round.
Ginger Gold is a popular early season apple in the U.S and Asia. It has a sweet taste with greenish−gold color. Americans like to use it in salads. It’s available only limited and supplies start in mid−October.


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