How many ways are there to quit smoking?

Smoking is one of the worst habits in the world ever. A cigarette includes substances like nicotine which cause addiction. Every year 4.9 million people die from smoking. It’s the only one addiction based product selling officially on all markets. Starting to smoke age is today under 12 for United States and some other countries. General age is under 16. People mostly smoke till die. Today researches showed that smoke harms all parts of body. It’s the main cause of heart attacks and cancer. There are lots of “Quit Smoking” campaigns today and Health Organizations released some quick and effective ways of kicking the habit. How many ways are there to quit smoking?

According to doctors, when a man decided to quit smoking, he must firstly know that kicking this habit is very hard because smoking makes physical addiction and psychological habit. Also nicotine in the cigarette is a temporary drug. It’s normal that body will show some symptoms on the smoke quit period. When a man decided to quit smoking, he must beat both physical addiction and psychological habit. It means that he must change his lifestyle and behavior style.
There are lots of ways to quit smoking today. Everyday an easier way is releasing. But it’s not possible to quit smoking only with using drugs or stopping to smoke.

First of all, smokers must create a life plan for after smoke period. Mottos like “I will be healthier after quit smoking, I will spend less money, my child will be healthier, my friends and family will proud of me” are some good ones for it.
Second step is specify a start day for quit smoking. First of all, smoker must speak to doctor, then with adding his advices, he must set a day, remove cigarettes from where he stands and tell his family and friends the day he will stop smoking.
Third step is one of the hardest steps but when a smoker passes this step, he’s very close to quit smoking. When a smoker quit smoking on the first day of plan, cigarette cravings will start. First of all, smoker must know that cravings are normal but they are temporary.

There are lots of ways to stop and pass cravings. Cravings mainly come after meals. Eating a fruit, a square of chocolate or sticking a gum are good ways to pass the cravings after meal.
If smoker is also a social drinker, it’s a common craving that body wants cigarette with alcohol. Drinking some non-alcoholic beverages while quitting smoke will help to smoker. Also snacking is a good activity to pass cravings.
Social smoking is another block on the smoke quit period. Try to avoid watching people smoke is an important behavior. Also moving away from smokers is important.
After first days, taking support is very important. There are lots of way to quit smoking like therapies and medical tools. Therapy is one of the most powerful and effective way to quit smoking. There are two main categories of therapy as Medication therapy and Non-medication therapies. Medication therapy includes Nicotine Replacement Therapy and Non-Nicotine Medication. Non-medication therapies include Hypnosis, Acupuncture, Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Therapies.
Nicotine Replacement Therapy is mainly changing cigarettes with some nicotine based products. Nicotine patch and nicotine gum are some popular products in this therapy method. Nicotine Replacement Therapy helps to reduce the nicotine level on the body day by day. Non-Nicotine Medication includes some drugs like bupropion and varenicline in temporary use till quit smoking.
Hypnosis and Acupuncture are oldest and borne out methods. Also behavioral therapy is a very effective way to quit smoking.

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