How many types of Solar Eclipses are there?

Solar eclipse is mainly moon’s pass between sun and earth. Sometimes when moon is passing through, it totally avoids sun lights to reach world but mostly it avoids partially. It’s possible to see solar eclipses from earth. Solar eclipses were taught as start point of disasters on old ancients. World and Moon’s special shape is creating solar eclipses in specific time periods but if two of them were round, every month there would be solar eclipses. How many types of Solar Eclipses are there?

There are four types of Solar Eclipses. They are partial eclipse, hybrid eclipse, annular eclipse and total eclipse. Partial eclipse is the common solar eclipse type.

In partial eclipse, Sun doesn’t cover fully by the moon so it’s possible to see sun as someone bited from the side. Partial eclipses were very important and believed its message in medieval ages.

Other Solar Eclipse type is annular eclipse. In annular eclipses, moon stands in the center of the sun and sun seen like a ring. May 10 1994 eclipse is the most popular annular eclipse ever.

Total eclipse is a rare type of Solar Eclipse. In total eclipse, moon fully covers sun and avoids sun lights to come earth. Because of the light angle that moon took in this eclipse, it seems closer than ever to the earth.

Hybrid Eclipse is another type of Solar Eclipses. It’s a rare situation. In Hybrid Eclipse, an edge of earth sees annular eclipse and other side sees total eclipse. Last hybrid eclipse was in 2005 and the next one will be in 2013.

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