How Many people get the disease of ALS in each year in the United States of America?

What do you know about the disease of ALS? Do you have any concrete information that you get from the internet or the books about this disease? Today we are going to make a short analysis about the disease of ALS and we will give some statistics about it. AS all we know from the beginning of the humanity people have been struggling with the different diseases and as a result of the technology and the lots of the different researches the vaccination or the treatments of those diseases can be found. But on the other hand, when the treatments of the some of the diseases are found the new other diseases are emerged and it seems that in the future there will be lots of the new diseases that can’t be threatened.  And this circulation will be last until the end of the world. Today we will give some information about the disease of ALS. Then what is this disease? Let’s look at that all together.


A Short Information about the disease of ALS

ALS is a disease that are related to the brain and when we look at the name of it we can see that it is Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and it is related to the neurons of the brain and the motor abilities of the brain. This disease occurs because of the loss of the neurons in the different regions of the brain and as a result of the disease the people who have ALS start to live in bad life qualities from the point of the brain and their motor abilities.  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is not contagious and today from the different regions of the world there are millions of the doctors and the experts that are studying for the treatment of this illness. 


In addition to those things, in the people who have this disease there are lots of the different muscle aches and they are suffering from the muscle aches. As all we know recently, in all around the whole world in order to get the attention of the other people, the people start to a campaign and they want to the people who are suffering from this disease. They are dropping the water with ice from their heads and they are challenging the other people that they want and with this challenge they are making charity to the people who are suffering from this illness and in accordance with some people this is very beneficial for the people who are ill and it is working well for the getting attention of the people all around the whole world about this illness. When we look at some specific statistics about the disease of ALS we can see that for example in the country of The United States of America there are 5600 people who are becoming ALS in each year and this number is much more in the different regions of the world.


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