How many types of red wine are there?

Red wine is one of the oldest beverages in the world history. It’s possible to find red wine in various color tones. Most popular tone of red wine is intense violet. It’s the classic color young wines. When wine started to goes mature, color also goes to brick red and older wine’s color is mostly brownish. Red wine became symbol of many civilizations and affected the history for many times. It has also a religious meaning for Christianity. Today red wine is producing from various grape types and it has various tastes. How many types of red wine are there?

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular red wine types in the world today. Red wine is producing from Cabernet Sauvignon grape. Taste of Cabernet Sauvignon is very sharp in the first period of production but then taste goes silky. Main place for producing Cabernet Sauvignon is Bordeaux, France. Main aromas using in Cabernet Sauvignon are plum, blackberry and black cherry. It’s also producing in Argentina, Italy and California.
Merlot is also a popular red wine type which is especially popular for wine gourmets. Characteristic of Merlot red wine is soft and approachable so taking the taste of flavors are easier than other red wines. Merlot is producing from Cabernet Franc grape but it’s also possible to find Merlot wines from Cabernet Sauvignon grape. Producers mostly use floral flavors for Merlot Red wines but it’s also possible to find cherry and plum flavors. Today Merlot wines from Chile, Italy and California are very popular.

Shiraz with its original name or Syrah with popular English name was the local wine of Iran but after Islamic Revolution, Iran stopped production of wine so countries like South Africa, Australia and Italy are producing it. Shiraz red wine has a sharp taste but it’s popular with strong finish. Acidity of young Shiraz wines are medium but old Shiraz wines has high acidity. Blackberry and Black pepper are most popular flavors for this wine.
Pinot Noir is a rare and expensive grape because it only grows in the colder climates and has small crops. Taste of Pinot Noir is mostly smooth. It offers a crisp finish. Acidity of wine is very high. Today it produces in the Oregon mainly. Also Australia and New Zealand produces this type of grape. Main flavor for Pinot Noir is plum and it’s also possible to find Pinot Noir with baked cherry.
Zinfandel is a special grape type. Its origins come from Europe but today growing exclusively in California. Red wine of Zinfandel grape is very popular but it’s also possible to find sweet rosé Zinfandel wine. Acidity level of Zinfandel is lower than most red wine grapes. Main flavors of using in Zinfandel red wine are plum and blackberry. Also new producers are using boysenberry for Zinfandel red wine.
Malbec red wine is popular with its dark red color. Also it’s possible the feel the taste of tannin, which is is the acrid element in the grape, through the Malbec wine. Most of the restaurants offer Malbec red wines in Europe because it has a strong taste with rich aromas. Today main production areas of Malbec are Argentina and France.
Barbera is the most popular grape for table wines. It’s easy to grow and cheap to buy. Especially Italians like to drink Barbera with Pizza. So it’s possible to find it in every Pizza restaurant with cheap prices. Because of high acidity of Barbera wine, producers mostly use strong flavors like raspberry, black cherry and blackberry into the mixture. Main production area for Barbera are Argentina and Italy.

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