How Many Awards Has Rihanna Won Up to Now?

Are you interested in music? What is your idea about the development of the music? What is your opinion about the differences of the old and new music singers? What is your favorite singer currently? As all we know the music has very important role in our lives and today in the whole world almost all of the people are listening the music every day and they like it too much. With the rapid development of the technology it is no longer easy to reach the music when we compared the situation with ten or fifteen years ago and because of this reason people are listening the music too much extends with the help of the internet now. With this spreading of the music and the development of the area of the music, there are lots of the new singers that are popular all around the whole world.


At this point, today we are going to make a short analysis about the pop singer Rihanna. She is one of the most popular and one of the most important pop singers in the whole world and in the whole world there are millions of the people who are the fan of Rihanna. They are buying her albums and each year Rihanna’s albums are selling millions. Now let’s look at the music history of the singer of Rihanna.


The Music History of Rihanna

Rihanna is born in the year of 1988 and she is originally from Barbados. In a music competition that she attend in his primary school, the popular singer Jay-z find her and he helps her to be a good singer and by this way she became one of the most popular pop singers in the world. Today almost all of the people from the different regions of the world know Rihanna as a very popular singer. She is not only singer but on the other hand at the same time she is a fashion designer, lyricist, model and actress and those feature of her make her much more popular singer all around the world. When we look at the awards that she has won up to now it is possible for us to see these has won lots of the popular awards that are in the field of the music. At this point, when we look at the number of the awards that she has won up to now that, we can see that she has 117 music awards totally and it seems that in the future she will win lots of other awards that are in the field of the music and other fields such as film, fashion and lots of others. On the other hand, we can see the charity way of Rihanna when we look at the magazine way. In the year of 2006 she finds a foundation in order to help the children who are going to die or who are ill and because of this she is liked by lots of the people all around the whole world.
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