How many new features of Iphone Netflix update are there?

Netflix app is one of the most popular and used apps in Ios history. After Netflix updated its Android version, it was a long wait for Ios update. There were some high complaints about app’s usage and design. Especially freeze problems were forced some users not to use program and search for alternatives. It was a surprise that Netflix released an update for tablets but not for Iphone. Especially problem on screen boundaries and resume watching show option problems were very high. How many new features of Iphone Netflix update are there?

Iphone Netflix update’s most important development is resume watching shows. It was impossible before this update and while some Ios versions are crashing when attempted to this, last ios version was giving an error. This new feature is working very stable now.
Another development coming with Netflix update is recommendations. It’s a very important feature for viewers. There was an experimental recommend feature before but it was some problematic that was offering mostly something irrelevant. Now it’s possible to see that especially in popular movies and shows, app is offering very exact with calculating user reviews, genre and more categories.
Sliding rows were not very problematic in earlier versions but they were not offering easier usage like Android version. New version offers more stable sliding rows especially while surfing in a long recommendation page.

It’s also possible to see various security updates in the background. There’s still no news about hacking Netflix but it’s known that there were some attack to Netflix servers over the Ios links. Companies serving movies and shows on mobile are complaining about this topic and Netflix makes provision against hack problems.
Netflix added AV sync option to this new version. But it’s still experimental and has a very rare usage area because AV sync problems are not common in Netflix. But it’s known that some connection types are creating lags, this is not a failure of Netflix but customers wants to be fixed this problem by Netflix. With this update, Netflix added an option requested by users.
Subtitle handling is what users want also from Netflix but it’s very hard to read subtitles in a mobile phone and even in a tablet. Some signs on app showed that Netflix will add some new subtitle features to next version.

Development on “set Netflix streaming to WiFi-only” option is also very important for users. This option is released on earlier version but it was some problematic because some other apps were changing the setting without notification. With update, it’s now more stable than ever.
Work against finger slips and accidental touches are still continuing in this version. It’s definite that preventing all problems causing by accidental touches are not possible. But some menu changes may decrease the number of them.
It’s possible to see that all users want HD streaming from Netflix Iphone app. Company released HD streaming option in earlier versions as experimental and this feature is still experimental because of broadband connection problems and hardware related situations.
There were some rumors that Netflix will prepare and release mobile based campaigns but it’s still not possible for this version. Some app reviewers claimed that it’s possible to find some signs of Netflix’s new campaign and offer system in app but they are not active now.

Canada members have a special option on Netflix app that allows users not to share on Facebook. There were some hacks on internet about this topic and this is officially fixed now. Also rewind 10 seconds option is working faster and stable in this new version.

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