How Many Lines Does The Greek Flag Have?

In the world there are different communities and from the history they have been living not only together but also on the other hand they have been living apart from each other. In history we can see lots of different states and for the states it can be easily said that flag is one of the most important sign. Some communities and the states see their flag as a divide thing and because of this they are giving too much value to their flags. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the Greek Flag. 


When we thing about the community of the Greece we can see that the roots of the Greece are based upon old ages and they are very important in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, science and politics and because of this fact it can be easily said that almost all of the countries in the whole world are affected from that community. When we think about the Greek people in the past they have very powerful empire that name is Byzantium Empire and like all of the powerful countries the time passes and they lost their power and with the high increasing of the Ottoman Empire they lost their power and like other countries they couldn’t escape from the ruling of the powerful Ottoman Empire. When we look at that period we can see that the Greek people live under the control of the Ottoman Empire approximately for 400 years and after the demolishment of the Ottoman Empire like other 28 countries they take their independence from the Ottoman Empire. From that time to our modern time they have been living independently and it can be said that they are powerful country in the world. In spite of the economical crisis in Greece in last years they are still powerful and they have lots of money. When it is thought from the point of the politics, they are the member of European union and NATO and their governmental regime is republic and when we think about the touristic point we can see that that country is very beautiful and each year millions of people are visiting the Greece in order to make their vacation in the beautiful regions of the country. And it can be easily said that one of the most important income of the Greece is the tourism. Now let’s look at the flag of Greece.


The Number of the Lines That is in Greek Flag


Like all of the countries that are in the world the Greece has a flag and their flag is white and blue. When we look at the flag of Greece we can see that there is a cross on the left top of the flag and from this cross we can see the religion of the country and on the other hand there are 9 different lines in the flag and the blue and the white represent the sky and the sea in the flag of Greece.


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