How Many Questions Are There in the Exam of TOEFL?

In the whole world today, the education has been developing too much from the history and it is possible to say that for the future of the humanity the education have to develop because it is very important for the lives of the people.


. If a person is educated in a good way, that person can beneficial for the other people and that is like a chain and the other person helps to the other person and at the end of the process it is possible to see that in the world, millions of the people are educated. When we look at the reasons of the bad things and events in the different regions of the world done by the people, almost all of the reasons of these events are caused by people’s being uneducated and this is another reason for us to develop the people from the point of the education. In the world today, the main centers for the education is the universities and because of this reason the universities must be developed and at the end of the process they should take lots of students to educate and at the end of the process again we can see the huge development in the civilizations of the world countries. In universities, one of the most important fields is the learning language, from the different regions the world there are millions of the people who want to learn and speak to a foreign language and when we look at the whole world today, it is easy to see that the most popular and the densely spoken and used language is the English and correspondingly to this situation people want to learn English at first pace whose official language is not English and after learning the English people will do whatever they want on behalf of their language development and academic careers.



At this point, in the world, there are lots of different exams that measure the level of the English of the people and at this point one of the most important exams in worldwide is the exam of the TOEFL each year millions of the people from the different regions of the world are taking the exam in order to determine their levels of English and as a result of the exam the grade that they get from the exam are becoming valid in almost all of the universities in the world for the development of the English and the getting a job related to the English and because of these reasons people are studying the exam and they want to get higher grades and it is possible to say that the exam is not so easy and it measures the different fields of the English such as listening, speaking, reading and writing and because of this reason almost all of the skills of the people are measured with the help of the TOEFL exam. The number of the questions are changing in the exam of TOEFL like that: In reading test there are between 36 and 70 questions, in listening test there are between 34-51, in reading 36-70 and in writing the people have to write 2 pieces of writing.



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