How many Hunger Games movies will there be?

Hunger Games book series is one of the best seller in the world. There also a movie series of book adaptation. First movie released in 2012 as called Hunger Games. It’s the winner of gross with $302.8 million in three weeks. How many Hunger Games movies will there be?

First movie of book series were about Hunger Games first book at all. Movie was a good adaptation with book but some plot lines were different. Movie finished where the first book finishes.

There are lots of gossips about series other movies. Some gossips of movie were about the third and last book’s adaptation. Then Woody Harrelson acting Haymitch Abernathy accidentally talked about plans of four movies. Soon there came last gossips that series’ third book MockingJay will be two movies.

Hunger Games first movie is taking very good ratings from movie critics. It’s very hard to adapt the book to movie because there are lots of subtexts on the books about life, world and war. But screen writer of movie Billy Ray is very successful on this situation.

There were some concerns about director Gary Ross because he has only three movies as director and they are not cult ones. But Hunger Games movie is successful as cinematically aspect. There were also some gossips about Katniss Everdeen role. But Jennifer Lawrence of Winter’s Bone is also very successful on her role. There are also some good critics about Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth beside the bad ones.

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