How many types of scuba diving equipment are there?

Scuba diving is one of the most popular underwater diving types nowadays. Scuba divers need scuba set for breathing under water and they need many accessories and equipment on them. These equipment can be for security, communication or emergency case warning. Also it’s very important that a good quality scuba suit can set the heat inside it because underwater is mostly icy. Also different diving environments need different suits. All of them need different features and heating degrees. How many types of scuba diving equipment are there?

One of the most popular scuba diving equipment is “Tropical Scuba Equipment”. Tropical water means warm and clear water. Tropical scuba equipment must have in lightest weight. Also scuba gear must be prepared for the tropical water heat as 24ºC/75ºF. There are many kits suitable for “Tropical Scuba equipment”. Catch bag is a very popular tool which scuba divers can collect small items easily. Tropical waters rarely include very dangerous animals but it’s still important to take some tools for security. There are some special tools known as “Swiss Army Knives” for tropical seas. Dive watch is also important because tropical seas have many fascinating items and inexperienced divers can forget the time.

If scuba divers target is colder waters, they need special “colder water diver equipment” It’s vital for diver’s maximum versatility. Most of the scuba divers prefer “full wetsuit” for colder waters. Temperature of water can be 15ºC/60ºF or under it. Colder waters mostly have unique fish and other sea animals but rarely has collectible items on it. So scuba divers may not need a box to carry. But they need alarm for emergency and communication tools. It’s very important to find suitable communication tool because most of the standard tools are not working under cold temperatures.
If scuba divers’ target is technical diving which is known as TEC diving, they must be over experienced and they need more equipment than standard scuba divers. Some experienced TEC divers believe that one scuba tank is enough but most TEC scuba divers prefer two tanks. Also they can buy arm tanks with different gas blends. Experts are also offering independent regulators.
Dive lights are vital for TEC scuba divers. Expert divers prefer dive lights only on night diving but they must be used on all dives because most of the wrecks need light to discover. Also cave and caverns need dive lights.
Dive saws are also using for discovering and safety. Some experts believe that knives are handier than dive saws but many scuba divers use dive saws. Especially devices possible to strap legs are very easy to carry. There are also some knife types for special purposes in the market.
Scuba divers with powerful leg muscles prefer scuba fins. They are vital for discovering large areas. There are many types of scuba fins like open heel adjustable ones and full foot fins.
It’s very common to see scuba diver accidents because most of the divers don’t like to use dive flags. After accidents, it’s required by law in some countries. Also it’s vital to find scuba divers in the exact area when there’s a problem. While some countries are allowing scuba diving team’s own flag, some countries are only allowing flags with regular colors.
Signaling device is also vital for scuba divers especially in TEC scuba diving areas. There are some standards today for scuba signaling and devices are more technological than ever. But it’s very important to buy one with light and also sound. Signaling device also must work on all weather temperatures.
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