How Many Different Countries Will Broadcast the FIFA 2014 World Cup?

Are you interested in the football? What are your thoughts about the development and the popularity of the game of the football all around the whole world? What is your favorite football team? What are the people think about the different competitions of the football all around the whole world? Today, we are going to make a short analysis about the sport of the football and we will give some examples about the development of the FIFA World Cup. At the end of the work, we will give some specific information about the broadcasting countries that will show the 2014 FIFA World Cup. When we look at the history of the FIFA World Cup, we can see that the roots of the competition are based upon the year of the 1930.


From that time to now, the competition has been hold in the different countries but in the periods of the Second World War the competition is stopped because of the dying of the people all around the whole world. The different football teams of the different countries from the different regions of the world are attending the competition and it can be easily said that the competition is one of the most popular competitions that are available in the whole world on behalf of the football and again we can say the this situation will not be change. As all we know, this year a new competition will be held in the country of the Brazil and from now on there are lots of the preparations not only in the country of the Brazil but also in the different countries of the world. When we look at the most successful football teams in the history in the FIFA World Cup we can see that the team of Brazil and Argentina. Those football teams are the most successful and in the future it seems that they will keep their successes.  Now let’s look at the different countries that will broadcast the FIFA World Cup.


The Number of the Countries that will broadcast 2014 FIFA World Cup.

In June 2014, the FIFA World Cup will be held in the country of the Brazil and in accordance with the researches that are done currently there are 131 countries and lots of the different Television channels from the different countries of the world. When we look at those countries we can see that list:















 Bosnia and Herzegovina








 Cape Verde


List of countries/colonies [show]



 China PR


 Costa Rica

 Côte d’Ivoire



 Czech Republic



 El Salvador






and territories [show]








 Hong Kong








 Italian Peninsula

List of countries [show]





 Korean Peninsula

List of countries [show]












 Middle East and North Africa

List of countries [show]









 New Zealand






List of countries [show]















 South Africa

 South Asia

List of countries [show]


 Sub-Saharan Africa6

List of countries [show]







 Trinidad and Tobago



 United Kingdom

Home Nations and Territories [show]

 United States

and territories [show]







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